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CEJEA will continue with the strategy followed so far, corresponding in great measure with research done regarding the challenges of our society. In particular, we must bear in mind the challenges of the next few years, when the framework for the next decade is being prepared in Europe, with great demands in the fields of law, economics, and the environment, in an ever-changing world that is more globalized and faces wider challenges.

Within this framework and with this ambition, four principal areas have been investigated:

  1. Constitutional history and challenges of transnational constitutionalism;
  2. Law and economics of private and public contracts;
  3. Law and economics of regulation;
  4. Challenges of the at-risk society.

These are topics of special importance and current relevance. These and others will be the object of research in CEJEA; issues that we believe will be useful to deepen, making policy recommendations, in a world in which academics have an important role to play.

CEJEA thus has the following objectives:

  • Develop scientific research activities, in interchange with other units and institutions, nationally and internationally, in order to meet the standards of integrity and excellence of scientific research of the 21st century;
  • Help to improve the country's conditions, promoting competitiveness, internationalization, social inclusion, employment, sustainability, human capital formation, and efficiency in the use of resources;
  • Invest in the postgraduate training of the second and third cycle of studies, articulating CEJEA's research lines with the themes developed in the PhD courses in Law at Lusíada University, involving doctoral students in CEJEA research;
  • Seek to take leadership in certain fields of legal-scientific knowledge through research into new areas and sub-areas of law.