Action lines

The lines of action of   CEJEA are in the logic of the objectives that it proposes to achieve. 
Having as areas of concern and analysis the law, economics, and environment, the Center follows a largely interdisciplinary path; and although the economic problem and the environmental problem lie at the heart of the Center’s interests, there is a broader approach to the legal implications of the problems.
But this is the case with a clear awareness of the interconnectedness of problems, with lawyers having to take care of economic and environmental problems more and more, and with the right to be a desirable and fundamental weapon of intervention in these two areas.
We thus have great problems with timeliness and acuity in our country, but which are not confined to a national territory. In CEJEA's lines of action, attention is paid to the way in which problems are tackled and the paths are followed in the European context when the new multi-annual development framework is approaching, with a new financial framework being tested. But these are problems that surpass the space of a continent, and inevitably find themselves in the world space; with the analyses to be made of having to consider this whole picture, in particular having to know the measures taken and to be taken in the other territories, especially in the world-wide instances. For all these reasons, CEJEA will further expand the strategy it has always followed, with lines of action that are closely linked with academics and institutions from other countries, in Europe and outside Europe.