Private Law and Labor Law


The normative dimensions that condition man as subject and object of science are now increasingly justifying the study of the subject matter of Bioethics and all its legal implications. Scientific discoveries, such as artificial insemination, cloning, prolonging life, and genetic manipulation, raise a series of delicate issues that highlight the need for discipline regulated not only by Law but also by Morals. In addition, an important part of these issues involves or is based on contractual regulation. Therefore, an excessive intervention of the law can be incompatible with individual freedom. In the quest for balance, legal norms need to follow evolution without limiting scientific research, respecting personal autonomy, but preventing socially unacceptable evolutions.



In this context, research is sought in the following fields:

  1. Unborn child;
  2. Surrogacy;
  3. Wrongful birth;
  4. Wrongful life;
  5. Living will and health care proxy;
  6. Euthanasia;
  7. Wrongful death;
  8. Self-ownership;
  9. Privacy.
Research Lines (RL):
RL1: Law and Bioethics - Legal Scope of Human Life
RL2: Contracts
RP1: Self-ownership [RL1]

Person responsible: José Alberto Rodríguez Lorenzo González

RP2: Surrogacy [RL1]

Person responsible: José Alberto Rodríguez Lorenzo González

RP3: Modification and Termination of Contractual Effects [RL2]

Person responsible: José Alberto Rodríguez Lorenzo González

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