Legal and Environmental Research


Alberto Almeida 

The research carried out intends to frame and deepen the dimensions of risk in today's communicational and technological society, which are projected in law, in all its dimensions, including environmental law, but also in all the privatístic sectors, from civil rights to the commercial rights. The technological revolution poses especially delicate legal challenges: from the protection of databases to intellectual property law, from personality rights to the control and transparency of society, from classic commercial contracts to electronic contracts, from traditional or subjective liability to liability punishment, from hiring at a distance to consumer protection, from genetically modified products to artificial intelligence, etc.


Whereas commercial contracting (pre-contractual, training, content, effects, transfer, modification, and termination) has moved away from the traditional models, and new contractual types (socially typed), and taking into account that different sectors of the law intersect (from intellectual property to competition law, not forgetting the right of consumption), and internationalization, standardization, objectivization, and commodification of contractual models, it is intended to elaborate a set of texts based on the risk of current societies and the technological revolution we are witnessing that is reflected in commercial contracting, both within the contracting and in its conformation, and reflect on these concerns and projections in law. This set of texts could serve as the basis for the publication of a book on modern commercial contracting (new problems in a technological and risk society).

RG is based on two Research lines (RL):
RL1: Law and Risk Society
RL2: Intellectual Property in the Technological Society


RP1: Increased risks in society with new technologies

Person responsible: Alberto Francisco Ribeiro de Almeida

Description: To investigate the current technological revolution having implications especially in the field of Intellectual Property Law, with special demands in the fight against intellectual "piracy". 

RP2: Commercial Contracting (new problems in a technological and risk society)


Person responsible: Alberto Francisco Ribeiro de Almeida

Goals: Write a book addressing the following issues (it is an exemplifying list):

  • Contracting at distance;
  • Automatic contracting;
  • Electronic contracting;
  • Self-service contracting;
  • Dictated commercial contracts;
  • Unfair commercial practices;
  • Novelties concerning contracts that include intellectual property rights;
  • Consumer credit agreements;
  • Futures, Options and Swaps;
  • Banking, insurance and investment contracts;
  • Contracts and arbitration (between the parties and the arbitration body and / or between the parties and arbitrators).


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